Minecraft Earth Server

The Minecraft Earth server is on a hike compared to other Minecraft servers.

In this guide, you will learn more about Earth Server like IP, pocket edition, Java, and much more.

Minecraft earth server IP

Minecraft server IP checker – You can check the Minec“raft server IP easily within a few seconds.

You can simply visit this site to check Minecraft server IP.

Minecraft server IP address and port

  • IP Address: moxmc.net
  • IP Address: play.datearth.com
  • IP Address: earthmc.net
  • IP Address: geofacts.XYZ
  • P Address: play.townysmp.co

Minecraft earth server download


You can see the Earth Server download links in the image above.

Choose any one server and download the earth server.


FAQs about Minecraft Earth Server

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