[Free_Paid] Most Popular Minecraft Server Hosting

There are many servers for Minecraft out there, but in this post, you will find a list of the best free Minecraft servers out there.

And if you are going with only the earth server then you can also check that out.

Top List of Most Popular Free Minecraft Server Hosting

Let’s check out the popular Minecraft hosting.


The sandbox video game Minecraft, With over 112 million active players per month, it is the most popular video game of all time, having sold over 180 million copies across all platforms by the end of 2019.

Here you can check the list below of the best free Minecraft server list, where you will see the latest, Minecraft new servers for Minecraft hosting.

#1. Scalacube

The 1st Server in the list of top Minecraft servers is ScalaCube.

Scale cube is a Minecraft Server Hosting. You will get 6 GB of RAM, 24/7, and that too, for free forever.

And if you want more than this, you can even upgrade to the higher version of Paid Plans as well.


It gives you much more like as follows…

  1. Unlimited Slots
  2. Multiple Servers
  3. DDoS Protection
  4. Plugin/Mod Support
  5. Modpack Support
  6. Custom JAR
  7. ByngeeCord Support
  8. Backup Support
  9. Full File Access
  10. Free Domain
  11. Free MySQL

The account setup process is simple. You can refer to the steps below as well.

  1. You have the option to select the server location, and Platforms like PC and Mobile.
  2. With the free version, you can select Minecraft SQL server only.
  3. Then you will be provided with the IP with a port for free.
  4. And then finally sign up with the basic details like name, email, and password for creating your account on the website.

Now let’s move to the next free Minecraft server in the list…

Here it is…

#2. Minehut

Minehut is a free hosting service provider for Minecraft from Minehut Lobby.

You can simply create a free server from HomePage.

#1. Visit the home page and click the “Create My Server” button.


#2. Sign Up for an account. Fill in the captcha and hit the Sigh up button.


#3. Choose the server.

In the free server, you will get…

  1. Max 10 Player limit
  2. 1 GB RAM
  3. With 1 free slot

You can choose paid plans if you want more options.


#3. Add Server

  1. Open Minecraft, click “Multiplayer”, then click “Add Server”. Edit the server info:
  2. Server Name: Minehut Lobby
  3. Server Address (aka IP): mc.minehut.com
  4. Server Resource Packs: Enabled
  5. Then, click “Done.”

Now let’s move to the next item on the list.

#3. Skynode


Skynode provides dependable hosting for Minecraft servers. Within minutes, configure your server, place an order, and begin playing.

You will get…

  1. 4 slots
  2. 1 location server
  3. 5 GB Storage
  4. At 3 Hours Renewal

You can try it for 1 month for free without any cost paying.


You will get a lot with the free plan, and that free plan is valid for one month only. Then you have to upgrade it to the Premium Plan.

#4. Aternos

Aternos offers a bunch of free options in the free plan for Minecraft Server.

You can take advantage of these freebie options on Alternos.


You can look at the features Aternos provides…

  1. Fully customizable
  2. Mods plugins
  3. DDOS protection
  4. Automatic backups
  5. Custom Worlds
  6. Survival Multiplayer Experience
  7. Custom Domains
  8. Share Access
  9. Unlimited Slots
  10. Addons and Data packs

#5. FreeMCServer

FreeMCServer provides up to 1.5 GB of Ram for free which comes with powerful full servers with good performance.

You can easily create a server for free.


You just have to click on the Create free server form HomePgefrom above “Create your FREE server” button OR

Below choose Server plans section’s free plan.


You will be redirected to the sign-up page.

There you have to enter the basic details to create your account on the site.

#6. OMGServ

OMGServ is free Minecraft hosting for 1 month’s trial.


You will get free options like

  1. Total 4 slots (1 for each player)
  2. 1 GB of RAM
  3. other options are available when you upgrade to premium.

You have only 1 month of time to use the server then you have to upgrade to premium.

#7. MCProHosting

MCProHosting is offering a free server with no ads.

MCPro hosting comes with a FreeBee plan of 2 GB with 5 Player Slots.

You will also get…

  • Better grade hardware
  • DDoS Protection
  • Unlimited storage space
  • Exclusive Locations

#8. VPSWala

VPSWala is a VPS hosting service provider.

It gives you free a free trial for new users. You can take the trial and experience the VPSWala Server Hosting.


VPSWala trial plan also provides you with 29+ VPS Server Locations and 24×7 chat support.

Features you will get in VPSWala Starter Trial Plan…

  1. 1 Core
  2. 25 GB SSD Storage
  3. 1 GB RAM
  4. 1 TB Bandwidth
  5. 1 IP Address
  6. SSL
  7. 29 Server Locations

To start with VPSWala Trial Plan, choose Starter Plan and click “Start Trial” and you will be redirected to the Cart Page.

There you just select “Order Now” under VPS StARTER Plan and sign up with the basic details.


You can try a free trial without any cost.

#9. PloudOS

PloudOS is also a free service provider for Minecraft.


You will get features like…

  1. Good Performance
  2. SSD Servers
  3. Server Development Flexibility
  4. DDoS Protection
  5. FTP support and more…

You have to click on the “Let’s Do This” button on HomePage and sign up for an account and fill in the basic details.

#10. Magmanode

MagmaNode offers a free server.

First, you have to create an account on MagmaNode.


Once you have created/registered an account, visit the home page and click on the “CREATE A SERVER FOR FREE” button.

  1. Then select the server and click “Purchase” (it’s free)
  2. Then click the “Free” button and then sign in account.

Features of Free MegmaNode server

  1. DDoS Protection
  2. MySQL Database
  3. Backup
  4. FTP
  5. No Slot Limit
  6. Plugins/Modepacks
  7. 1.5 CPU
  8. 2548 MB RAM
  9. 5048 MB Space

#11. MCServerSoft

MC Server Soft is a server wrapper, which is a tool that makes no changes to the Minecraft server.

It is a user interface built on top of the server console to provide additional functionality and simplicity of management for the server owner.


MC Server Soft features…

  1. Server Importing
  2. Lots of supported server types
  3. Forge & Fabric Installer
  4. Ad-free experience


  1. Backups
  2. Scheduler
  3. Multi-server
  4. Plugin & Player Manager

TOOLS Features

  1. Config Readers
  2. Log Purging
  3. Log Purging
  4. Mass Server Actions


  1. Remote Web Panel
  2. API Keys & User Management
  3. Developer API
  4. Third-party API Tools

You can download this tool from the HomePage Download Button.


#12. Private Hosting

You can test another Minecraft Server Hosting, which is Private Hosting.

You can TRY servers without paying any money. Which offers free 24/7 online Minecraft server service, so you can safely experience a fast network.

Enjoy 2 days(trial) of wild games with your friends completely free.

Minecraft server will only be available for 2 days and not forever as this is a test of the service.

If you want to just test out the Minecraft Server you can try this hosting.


You can see the 2 days’ free plan features

  1. 2 GB RAM DDR4
  2. Unlimited SSD Space
  3. Unlimited Bandwidth
  4. Unlimited Server Slots
  5. DDoS Protection
  6. And more…

Try this 2 days trial of Minecraft free server hosting.

#13. BoxToPlay

BoxToPlay is another free hosting for Minecraft.


BoxToPlay offers a 1 Day free plan…

  1. Unlimited Number of players
  2. NoLag technology
  3. RAM Memory Unlimited
  4. Duration :1 Day
  5. Custom IP address
  6. Anti-DDOS protection
  7. NVMe storage
  8. MySQL database
  9. Backups

Just create an account and enjoy hosting the server.

Best Paid Minecraft Hosting Server

#1. Apex Hosting

Apex hosting is one of the popular Minecraft server hosting out there.

Apex hosting is affordable hosting with premium services with performance.

You just have to select your Minecraft Game as shown in the below image.


Once you select your Minecraft game, on the next screen you will see the Premium plan to select for your Minecraft game server.

You have many plans there which are categorized into two terms.

First, for Monthly billing and Second for Quarterly billing which will save you up to 10% discount.


Now, let’s see what features you will get in all the premium plans.

Features you will get in all plans

  1. Unlimited Player Slots
  2. Dedicated Live Chat Support
  3. 7-Day Money Back Guarantee
  4. Full DDoS Protection
  5. Automated Backups
  6. Blazing Fast Hardware
  7. One Click Pack Installers
  8. Free Server Transfers
  9. Free Subdomain
  10. Powerful Control Panel
  11. Instant Setup
  12. Unlimited storage
  13. Dedicated IP Available
  14. Preconfigured Minigames
  15. Free MySQL Database

#2. BisectHosting

The BisectHosting comes with Premium as well as budget plans.

Which helps you with more flexibility to choose a plan.

You can see the plans listed below in the image.


#3. GGServer

GG Server is a user-friendly Minecraft server provider which supports Java and Bedrock editions.

Where you will get 1 click installs for mode packs and plugins with more flexible customization.

It also gives you better performance as it provides an SSD and NVMe storage plan.


You can see the standard plan rates in the below image…and


Premium Plans rates also.


#4. MCPro Hosting

MCPro is also a popular Minecraft hosting service provider.

You can select the Server as per the game Like Minecraft…you can see in the below image.


Once you choose the Minecraft server you will get the details about the plans.

There are plenty of plans available. You can choose as per your requirements.


#5. ServerMiner

With Server Miner, it is easy to navigate.

Just choose the server plan as per your preference.



You will get an option to choose server locations as well. Then hit the NEXT button.


Then you can also select add-ons if you want extra.

Then signup/login page will appear, there, sign up if not yet done or sign in.

Then finalize the order and lastly, Pay the amount for the server.


That’s all for now.

So those are the best Minecraft server hosting options available to you.

Some of them are completely free and some of them come with a trial period.

Which server are you going to choose? Comment below…

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